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girlfan1979 in spnschoomptasia

The Masterlist!

I'm new to all this, and a Masterlist is probably supposed to be simply that, but as I was compiling it, I noticed a few things, and I think we should actually take a moment to give ourselves a little victory cheer.

Despite the small size of our community (or perhaps because of it), we had no drop outs. Two pieces did not get submitted for this (one by an author who had hoped to post two pieces) but both pieces will likely be posted later this autumn.

Not a single entry breached the rules.

Interestingly (to me, at least) despite the fact that pieces of any length (as long as they were a one-shot) were eligible for posting, the smallest entry was still nearly 1K - personally, as much as I admire the art of the drabble (like I admire haiku) I much prefer something lengthier most of the time. Over half the entries hover around the 2.5K mark; teithiwr's is almost 4k, and lynne_mitchell's entry is a whooping 10K. That works out to some 25,000 words, guys. Not bad at all. Who knew fangirls could accumulate that much schmoopy crack in one place?

Aside from saying thank you guys - I really enjoyed doing this with all of you, I would also like to thank teithiwr, my brain-twin and fabulous co-mod with whom I can evenly divide the blame I must clearly share the credit for organising. Finally, though she's not a member of our comm, I'd like to thank vichan for her help and advice, without which I doubt I'd have felt I had the knowledge required to go through with this.

Wait? Where's my little gold man?

I've thought and thought about how to order the list, and I've decided to go with ratings - serendipitously , it reflects length as well.

The Masterlist!

Rated G/PG
Five Times Winchester Life Imitated Disney by starrylizard [1K]
Some Material May Not Be Suitable For Children by schweedie

Rated PG-13
Aladdean by longhairedlady
The Marvelous Madam Mim by unhobbityhobbit
Forget about your worries and your strife by girlfan1979

Rated R
New, and a Bit Alarming by teithiwr [4K] [weak R]
Bounce With Me! by lynne_mitchell [10K] [probably hard R]



You are awesome, we are all awesome! Schmooptasia may be sparsely populated, but we clearly win. :D

Also, you totally win the Most Excellent Mod Award. *hands you prize* Schmooptasia would have sunk if I'd been the only mod! Three cheers for girlfan1979! *revels*

Ah, now I have to find time to read all these fics. Looking forward to it!
Hee-heee. Something you must learn about me - I am sometimes a total airhead and forget to do things. I think I meant to friend it, and never did because I am lame.

No need for thanks at ALL, hun. Great work!! :-D

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